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Life Coaching & New Zealand First Light Flower Essence® Services with Positive Journeys Whangarei

At Positive Journeys, we offer life coaching and First Light Flower Essence sessions to help and support you on your journey of positive change.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

Our New Zealand native ngāhere, flora and fauna are unique and hold special vibrations that assist us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A bottle of flower essences is a combination of special flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants for an individual’s specific needs. Flower essences are plant energy held in pure rainwater that you ingest or spray into the air. Typically, brandy is used as a preservative in flower essence blends, however a substitute can be used if required.

Each essence holds a healing energy with a specific purpose, to assist with any cause of imbalance, altered states of mind and ill-health or disease, as well as maintaining balance and a sense of security for 21st century life. Your personality will be transformed, your aura cleared, your chakras balanced, your DNA repatterned and your soul will grow. We use numerology and astrology to zone into each of these areas that most affect you – this is called a constitutional blend.

Following a consultation to discuss how the flower essences can best assist your holistic well-being, we’ll create a magical blend of native New Zealand flora and fauna that will assist you to bring more growth, joy, peace, truth, and love into your life.

We lovingly acknowledge Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber who heard the call and introduced First Light Flower essences of New Zealand® into the world, starting with Pohutukawa, as we transitioned from the picarian age into the aquarian age. We gratefully acknowledge co-founder Anthony Wyber also.

“Western medicine is man-made and essentially pharmaceutical in character… our sacred plant medicine is completely natural and produced from the Sun, pure water and healing plant” - Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere  IMG20220716103847

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First light flower essence - Consultation and bottle of personalised first light flower essence treatment blend


Extra bottle on the day of consultation


Repeat bottle or constitutional blend - Without consultation


Email or messenger consultation - Personalised blend


Life coaching with First light flower essences - 1.5hr session/consultation. Communication between sessions and a personalised treatment bottle of first light flower essences


Pick up or $7 postage. 

Goal Getter Goddesses Group

This Koha funded service allows you to step into a supportive community who are striving to improve their lives and hold themselves accountable.  

The GGG's meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm, on Zoom, to participate in an interactive workshop that covers a range of topics to help you realise and live into your dreams and desires.  Topics include self sabotage, beliefs, keeping momentum, wheel of life and much more. 

Workshops run for 10weeks, then a two week break, and members are welcome to repeat the upgraded cycle.

Commitment to the Goal Getter Goddesses leads to success in life.  

The GGG Private Facebook group is an important part of the process - this provides opportunities during the week for self evaluation, reflection, improvement and celebration. 

"Before I started the workshops and with Pania I was in a pretty, let's just be honest, dark place I wasn't sure where to go I didn't feel like there was an out and it was just all consuming, whereas now I have clear goals in place and not only do I have clear goals in place but I have the tools and the knowledge there to support me."

Want to join or more details?

Definitely contact us.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Positive Journeys is all about you and the change you desire in your life.

During one of our Life Coaching sessions you will experience curious conversation, intuitive observations, activities, visualisation experiences, gentle challenges, and someone to actively listen as you gain clarity. As each step on your journey presents itself you will be held accountable, someone is there to cheer you on and share in your progress.

You will receive ‘coaching notes’ including ‘actions’ following each session and communication between sessions is warmly welcomed.

You are provided with an empathetic and safe environment to discover your best way forward, to work through the challenges, blocks and restrictions that are creating unwanted detours, so that you can follow your heart.

Discover what it means for you to “look after yourself.” Find yourself on the road of invoking more joy, love, growth, peace, dreams, freedom, change, acceptance and positive self-development in your life. Embrace true intention to move forward and uplift your life.

Your Positive Journey will go in the direction you authentically desire. We are in control of our own lives; we are forever expanding. We can uplift ourselves, bringing more light into the world. With all our commitments and responsibilities, we can find the simple and feel an expanding love.

Dreams do come true. Your Journey is special.

Customized Programmes:

I hear you.  

Positive Journey's Six, Twelve and Twenty Four Week Programmes are designed to be specific for you. By understanding that you are an individual who has had unique experiences, and wants to create a new and beautiful future for yourself.  They include NLP techniques, timeline therapy and an array of specialised life coaching strategies. 

Your emotions might be getting in the way. So, let's work on that.

Your beliefs are probably holding you back. So, let's change some of those.

Your thoughts are something you can take control of.

So, let's move towards that too.

Let's find the real you…… the you you want to be.

And let's be real about the you that exists right now.  

Let your authentic self shine out into the world. So, you can be free to be who you are and create what you really want to be.

We will work together to get you started on this journey of reconnection with your inner power and inner peace.

Choose you and lets create a programme that is organically designed especially for you.

Create a clear path on the journey to live a life that you love.

I can't wait!!! Can you??? PaniaFamilyPRINT-31  

Specialised  Programmes Include -  First Light flower Essences.  Personalised Coaching Notes.  Messenger support and accountability between sessions. My unique style of adapting to what is important on the day.  AND Goal Getter Goddesses Membership (conditions apply). 

All together worth $430 per week. 


Single session - 60 - 90 min Power Coaching Session. 


Specialised 6 week programme


Specialised 12 week programme 


Specialised 24 week programme 



Payment Plans and Special Discounts are available (Conditions apply).                                                                                Koha option available by arrangement.  Koha is a donation and includes money as well as the bartering of goods and services.