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Martial Arts & Acupressure Services
with Positive Defence Whangarei

At Positive Defence, we offer a range of Martial Arts classes, including Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang and Karate. Alongside these, we also offer professional Jin shin Jyutsu acupressure healing sessions.

Tai Chi Chuan

“Supreme Ultimate Fist.”

Great Grand Master Wang Shu Chin

Tai Chi (Taiji) is one of three main internal Chinese Martial Arts, most commonly known for its great health benefits. However, Taiji is a true martial art and with correct training and application of the principles, can be used very effectively for self-defence.


The style of Tai Chi that we use at Positive Defence is the Cheng Ming Chinese Martial arts form, which is derived from the “Orthodox Style” developed in China in 1929. It is a 100-movement form, which is synthesized from the five major schools of Tai Chi Chuan. One of the reasons for developing this form was the preservation of the deeper essence of Tai Chi, extraneous and inefficient movements were discarded, and the resulting form was developed with the intention that every movement, transition and posture possesses a usable martial application as well as health benefits.


One of the main goals of Tai Chi Chuan is the unification of Body, Mind and Spirit through the learning and practice of the Taiji form, alongside stand forms (Zhan Zhuang) (see Qigong section). This unification develops the ability to circulate Chi throughout the entire body, opening the meridian channels and allowing the life force to become balanced and free flowing.

Health Benefits Include

Improves - Balance, Flexibility, Mobility, Muscle strength, Blood pressure, wellbeing, Cognitive Function, enhances Immune System, Sleep Quality, Self-awareness.

Reduces – Stress, Depression, Falls, Chronic Pain.

Helps Prevent – Cardiovascular Disease, Depression, Anxiety.

Tai Chi classes are held at 112 Lower Cameron Street,

upstairs above Arnold Franks.

Class times are:


10.30 am to 12 pm


9.30 am to 10.30 am


5:30pm to 7pm


10:30 am to 12pm


10 am to 11 am


5.30pm to 7pm

Hsing-I Chuan

“Mind Formed Fist”

Hsing-I Chuan is one of the Trinity of Internal Martial Arts practiced by the Cheng Ming Chinese Martial Arts Association the others being Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua-Zhang.

Great Grand Master Wang Shi Chin
Pi Chuan posture.

Hsing-I Chuan comes from the Chinese Philosophies of Yin and Yang and Five Element Theory. In this Mind Formed Fist, the Mind, or Intent leads the physical action which indicates a great unity of thought and action, between mind and body.

It consists of Five Fists, based upon the Five Elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, 12 Animal Movements and combinations of Five Elements and Animals into forms.

Metal Fist Pi – Chuan (splitting) Water Fist – Zuan Chuan (Drilling) Wood Fist – Beng Chuan (Crushing) Fire Fist – Poa Chuan (Pounding) Earth Fist – Heng Chuan (Crossing).

The 12 Animals consist of tiger, horse, Tai (a mythical bird), eagle, bear, snake, crocodile, hawk, chicken, monkey, swallow and dragon.

Also practiced are weapons, including sticks (Gwai), poles (guun), straight sword (Tsien), sabre (Dao) and spear (Qiang).

Training Times for Hsing-I


9 am to 10.30 am


6.30 pm to 8 pm


6.30 pm to 8 pm

Ba Gua Zhang

“Eight Direction Palms”

Great Grand Master Wang Shu Chin

Ba Gua Zhang is based on the I-Ching or book of changes, which introduces the practitioner to the philosophy of the eight Trigrams.

Sometimes called ‘Eight Trigrams Boxing,’ Ba Gua is a complex art with powerful techniques created from its spiralling and twisting and circular movements.

Unlike the direct straight forward power of Hsing-I, Ba Gua has hard and soft, obvious and hidden and sideways movements. It teaches evasion and indirect multi-dimensional defence and attack.

The constant twisting and spiralling of Ba Gua causing the Meridians to coil and uncoil, develops a dramatic increase in the flow of Chi in the body which is faster and stronger than Tai Chi and Hsing-I.

The Cheng Ming system holds Ba Gua as the ultimate internal Martial Art and as such it is taught to advanced students who have first trained and built a foundation in Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing-I Chuan.

Class Time


5.15 pm

Acupressure Self-Help Courses

We offer a one day course (6 hours) in Self-help Acupressure covering the basics methods of holding specific points and areas of the body to enable self-healing.

We use Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help books which take you through a series of daily maintenance holds which open up the blocked energy of the body in order for the energy to flow freely.

Also covered are finger holds and Mudras that help emotional and mental conditions, anger, grief, worry, fear etc.

Points covered will enable you to take control of your own healing, learning how to alleviate head aches and other pain without having to use pain killers or drugs.

After the initial one-day course we will run half day follow up classes to further your knowledge and help you to become more proficient at self-help.

Tim is a registered Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and offers hands on healing sessions.

Course dates and times will be shown on this site and other media when ready.

Positive Defence - Accupressure Self help courses

Acupressure Healing Sessions

Experience the Art of Harmonizing the Life Energy

We offer Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure healing, which is an effective healing modality.

Acupressure works by opening blockages of energy in the body allowing energy to flow freely which releases tensions and stress.

I have had good results with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel, Migraines, Sciatica, Blood Pressure issues, Fibromyalgia, Menstruation, and many other ailments, as well as balancing emotions, aiding in dealing with grief, fears and anger issues

Sessions are usually one hour including consultation, and a minimum of four is optimal.

Accupressure healing - Positive Defence

Jin shin Jyutsu for your Pets

Positive Defence - Jin Jitsu Pets

We can also provide Jin Shin jyutsu for your pets or farm animals. Cats, Dogs, Horses and many more, can benefit from a session of JSJ.

Arthritis and other age related ailments, quicker recovery from injury, behavioural issues and much more.

Kiyo-do Kai Karate Classes

Our karate classes are fun based for kids aged 5 years up.

The aim is to help children gain self-confidence and self-respect in a non-discriminatory, non-judgemental environment.

We have children of all abilities training together and learning to help each other rather than make fun or belittle any student that is not as capable as themselves.

The classes are formatted to teach skills such as balance, agility, co-ordination, through fun games and activities as well as teaching the basic Karate skills of Punching, Kicking, Blocking, movement etc.

We also teach kids basic self-defence – getting out of holds, evasion and much more.

Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4pm.

Located at the dojo above Arnold Franks 112 Lower Cameron St. Whangarei

Positive Defence - Kiyo Karate